Dade City Truck Accessories has what you need to complete the look of your vehicle.  With over 20 years in the business we have developed relationships with the TOP brands in the industry, as well as negotiated the best pricing you can find.  We will always be comparable to on-line retailers or cheaper in most cases, have better real world experience with the parts we sell and our customer service is 2nd to none.

Lift Kits - Leveling Kits


Dade City Truck Accessories gives you the best lift kits and leveling kits right here in

Dade City and surrounding Tampa area. Lift your truck, SUV or Jeep and discover the potential your vehicle has to go off the beaten path and explore, or hit the streets with a clean looking vehicle that everyone wants.

Lower Suspension


Dade City Truck Accessories sells and installs the best lowering kits right here in Dade City and Tampa market. If you want to combine head-turning style and upgrading handling, get yourself a truck lowering kit from dade City Truck Accessories. Lowering kits drop the body of the truck several inches, depending on the kit you want. This improves handling and steering because it brings your truck’s body lower to the ground. It also looks aggressive as heck, so that’s a plus too. Get the best truck lowering kits including Eibach, Ground Force, Airlift, Belltech and many more

Air Bags & Helper Springs

Dade City Truck Accessories can help you with your truck and the dreaded squat from heavy loads.  Upgrade your suspension today with an air bag ride control system or a set of helper springs by Super Spring.  Either way you go, you will be better off than what the factory offered you.