We know that choosing the company to spray your bed liner is a hard decisions to make, so we are here to point out a couple things.  Dade City Truck Accessories started out as Bullet Liner of Tampa where our sole focus was spray in bed liners, so we know the routine of how to spray the best liner.  Eventually we left the "National" brand name to focus on quality materials, prep and customer service creating Armored Liner as our brand.  We control everything from formulation of our chemical product to the final invoice when you pick up your vehicle.

  • Owner operated shop, everything that leaves gets Quality Control

  • We own the rights to our chemical, we do not pay royalty fees, franchise fees or any other fees

  • We are low cost because we save money by not joining a National company

  • We will only spray 3-4 trucks a day, Quality over Quantity is our goal

  • Dries in 3-5 seconds, returning truck to duty the same day

  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on general bed applications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Armored Liner and others like Line X or Rhino Liner?


Our technology is the same as the big guys and we spray at the same ratio's and PSI as they do.  That is about the only similarities, our chemical however is FAR SUPERIOR.  We spray a custom mixture of PUR POLYUREA - our competition uses a hybrid of polyurea and FILLERS with a catalyst to kick off the reaction.  Our pure polyurea is 100% PURE no fillers and the chemical reaction is natural and does not need extra fillers and hardeners to cure.

Franchise liner companies are for owners who cannot sell their product without a big name behind them.  We do not have to rely on advertising and games they play in order to get clients, we get return and new clients from referrals and that is better than any magazine ad! 

In regards to Rhino, that has just become a household name, while they still exist you need to make sure they are spraying high pressure and not out of a low pressure cartridge with old school technology.

Our biggest advantage is that we fully clean and prep your vehicle.  When it comes down to it PREP is the key, when shortcuts are taken to do trucks quicker QUALITY SUFFERS.

Whats the deal with Raptor Liner and others I can buy on-line?

Easily put, garbage in a can or bottle.  On a serious note these products are available for the DIY person and are NOT the same technology as used by us.  Raptor is a SOLVENT based product that is similar to paint that uses a home compressor to spray product out.  Solvent based products typically take 24 hours or more to dry and DAYS to cure, therefore cannot be applied thick as the product will cause runs.  (Our system dries in 3-5 seconds, allowing us to build MIL's) 


Raptor or it's other counterparts can be sprayed using $100 home compressor with 80psi and an $80 kit of product to spray.  Our product comes in 110 gallon batches, requires minimum of 2200psi and a $35,000 machine to spray.  As you can see this is far from a DIY kit that offers sub-par results.

My dealer says they have a company come to the dealership and spray the beds?


Watch out, run, take cover what ever you need to do to keep that from happening!  When these mobile spray shops set up they are spraying low pressure out of a cartridge gun and using 4-5 cartridges which is about 1 gallon of inferior material.  (we spray minimum 5 gallons) OR WORSE they hire a company called "Recon" which simply spray paints the bed that has a texture.  This product is thin, fades to grey within months and is cheap, cheap, cheap!!!  Yes it looks great at first but imagine the warranty issues, you think they are going to strip the bed when it goes bad?  In fact we fix them all the time, it will cost you double or triple of what we would have charged to do it right the 1st time.

What is your warranty?

Our product is warrantied for a Lifetime against, cracking, bubbling just them same as the others.  We take pride in the fact we spray 700-800 products a year and have less than .05% warranty rate THAT IS LESS THAN 4 a year, not bad if we say so.

Do you offer different grades of bed liner?


We offer 2 grade of spray in bed liners at our stores.

Signature Series: Our standard bed liner which is better than others standard

Platinum Series:  Our upgraded liner is fade resistant and will hold that like new shine

What colors can you spray in my bed?

Henry Ford said it best in 1908 when he said 


"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black."

and this holds true to a certain extent, 99% of the beds we spray will be black.

Why are your prices lower than others, is there a difference in quality?


We are priced lower and offer a better product by simply not having to rely on a National company.  We save thousands of dollars every month by NOT paying royalty fees, advertising fees, Franchise fees and what ever else these National companies can bill their independent stores with.  Saving this much money, means our cost of goods are lower and we pass that on to you.


Our extensive training and low overhead also mean savings to us.  With all this savings we can invest in the best equipment, products and service that you can rely on.

Have you sprayed the Pentagon?


Nope, nobody here has sprayed the Pentagon.  In fact I will bet that no owner of a spray in bed liner shop in Tampa Bay has sprayed the Pentagon.  However we do spray the best trucks in the State of Florida and that is what you drive.


Do you do full exterior sprays on Jeeps and Trucks?


All the time, in fact we have sprayed a lot of the PROFESSIONAL ones you see running around the state.  We are not the cheapest, but we take pride in our work and the amount of prep needed for a proper job.  Our prices start at $2500 and go up from there.

Why do the National Franchise shops hate you?

Simply put, because we will not join them.  Our low prices are showing consumers that the National companies are really trying to set the price high.  By taking care of the consumer and offering a fair price for a GREAT product we have gained market share in the Tampa Bay area.

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